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Green Digital Innovation Hub (Green eDIH)
Green eDIH aims to create an effective collaboration between institutions, government agencies, private companies, educational institutions, NGOs, communities, and micro-communities that understand the crucial importance of partnerships and specific activities regarding digitalization.
National Research-Development Institute for Turbines - COMOTI
COMOTI is the only specialized research facility in Romania that integrates scientific research, design, production, experimentation, testing, technology transfer and innovation in the field of aviation turbines, industrial engines with gas turbine and high speed vane machines.
National Research-Development Institute for Optoelectronics - INOE 2000
The National Research-Development Institute for Optoelectronics - INOE 2000 was established in 1996. The Institute develops fundamental and applied research in the field of optoelectronics, analytical chemistry and mechanical engineering, aligning with the vital scientific directions of the European Research Area. The Institute comprises six research departments, two certified testing laboratories and two legal subsidiaries, the Research Institute for Analytical Instruments (ICIA) and the Research Institute for Hydraulics and Pneumatics (IHP), each carrying out theoretical and applied research activities.
National Institute for Research and Development in Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Remote Sensing - IGR
The Geological Institute of Romania is a National Research-Development Institute in the field of Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Remote Sensing and its mission is to provide geological information and services at a national level. It is the institution authorised to draw up, edit and print national geological, hydrogeological, geophysical and metallogenetic maps at various scales. In addition, it ensures the correlation of national geological spatial data with those of neighboring countries, researches the distribution of geomagnetic, gravitational, geothermal and electromagnetic fields in Romania, develops integrated geonomic research, including geoinformational system (GIS), geoid and satellite image analysis and studies the dynamics of geological phenomena with natural hazard potential.