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“Vasile Pârvan” Institute of Archeology
The Institute in conducting research activities related to archeology and numismatics, with focus on the pre-historic and medieval periods.
The Institute of Biochemistry (IBAR)
The Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy (IBAR) was established in 1990 in order to develop and promote advanced research in biochemistry and molecular biology in Romania. IBAR hosts a state of the art research facility center in biomedical proteomics, operated by an interdisciplinary team of young researchers with backgrounds in biochemistry, chemistry, biophysics, biology, pharmacy. Within the framework of the School of Advanced Studies of the Romanian Academy (SCOSAAR) - IBAR carries also its own educational programs in molecular life sciences at PhD, Post Doc and continuing education levels in which the next generation scientists are trained by research based practical learning.
Institute of Biology
The Institute of Biology Bucharest of the Romanian Academy is the host of a wide panel of research topics in biology like the conservation and management of biodiversity, taxonomy and ecology, microbiology and plant and animal citobiology
“Nicolae Simionescu” Institute of Cell Biology and Pathology
Institute of Cell Biology and Pathology is conducting biomedical researches and aims to uncover at the cellular and molecular level the pathobiochemical alterations occurring in the heart and blood vessels which lead to atherosclerosis, diabetes, ageing, metabolic syndrome. It also aims to translate the knowledge "from bench to bedside" for patients benefit: prevention, early diagnosis, better therapeutic control, and ultimately cure of cardiovascular diseases.
"Tiberiu Popoviciu" Institute of Numerical Analysis
The Institute is performing fundamental research in Numerical Analysis, Numerical Modeling, Approximation Theory, and other applied fields of Mathematics.