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Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development
The Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development (DDNI) was established in 1970 and its main objective is conducting fundamental and applied research for scientific support of the management of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (DDBR) and other wetland areas of national and international interest, with particular focus on biodiversity conservation and sustainable use.
National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa”
The main object of activity includes research - development in following fields: ecology and protection of the marine environment, oceanography, marine engineering, resource management; research on the structure, functioning, evolution, modification, modeling of marine ecosystems; ecological productivity; technologies and solutions to prevent coastal erosion; ecological rehabilitation and recovery; investigation of the marine environment; aquaculture and resource industrialization; fishing. The Institute is also conducting research regarding the making of equipment for exploration and capitalization of resources.
National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry “Marin Drăcea”
The National Institute for Research and Development in Forestry (INCDS) “Marin Drăcea” is certified as an institution part of the Research and Development System of National Importance and as a Excellence Centre at national level in the field of Forest Biology and Forest Management, by the national authority for research and development. It is licensed for forest management planning, ecological reconstruction and watershed management, forest risk assessment, forest cartography, geodesics and photogrammetry, seeds quality and conservation, pesticides testing on behalf of forest certifying purposes.
Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy
The Astronomical Institute of the Romanian Academy is conducting research activities in the following domains: Astronomy, Astrophysics, Solar Physics, Celestial Mechanics, History of Astronomy. The Institute has three observatories located in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Timişoara that include several scientific research facilities.
“Francisc I. Rainer” Institute of Anthropology
Currently under the patronage of the Romanian Academy, the Institute has been coordinating a wide spectrum of fundamental and applicative bio-medical, socio-cultural and paleoanthropological research. The Institute hosts one of the largest osteological collections in Europe.