One-stop-shop for financial sources.

Financial instruments remain an important tool for businesses and project alike as they provide the necessary investments needed to grow strong and resilient initiatives. This section offers useful information about a multitude of programs and grants that can contribute to the growing of one’s project or business, whether located in Romania or elsewhere. It is addressed to companies, research institutions and universities, entrepreneurs and innovators from Romania who are interested in receiving funds for their scientific and entrepreneurial initiatives.

There is a need to offer attractive jobs and places to live for the young generations of innovators. Mobility, adaptability and communication are strong personal traits of the next wave of innovative entrepreneurs.  However, in order to succeed, they need attractive tailor-made programs so that they can increase the number and quality of innovation Romanian start-ups.

International programs

Find out what international programs are available for researchers and aspiring entrepreneurs who aim to develop their ideas in an international environment. The section contains information about European as well as and international programs and grants that will provide the necessary investment to support the creation of new jobs and contribute to the economic growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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National programs (Romania)

Here you’ll find information about the main national programs designed to help entrepreneurs and researcher who need assistance to transform their business ideas or projects from concept to market.
The section is written in Romanian because
1) the applicants eligible to these programs and grants are of Romanian nationality only and
2) the program’s application criteria and submitting forms are written in Romanian. Should you need further information about the application process, we advise to contact the program / grant’s managing authority directly, by clicking the specific links to their websites.

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News, events and articles

Another task we gladly perform for the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem is to assist its members in the steps of getting their projects off the ground by giving them information about tips, tools, and resources that will allow them to successfully start and grow a business.

X-eLUT - the first non-invasive treatment of cataract for dogs

x-eLUT is a joint Romanian-American collaborative project led to the development of an innovative formula able to effectively fight against senile cataract for dogs and to prevent their unavoidable and progressive blindness.

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A new approach to develop a lung tumor diagnosis system in a accurate and non-invasive way

AIMED SOFT SOLUTIONS/LEDD – An ultrasound and AI-based alternative system for pneumologists, oncologists and primary care physicians that provides non-invasive, fast, accessible and affordable lung tumor evaluation

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AMSIMCEL - We challenge ourselves to drive innovation for the whole Semiconductor Industry

AMSIMCEL - is a Romanian startup, specialized in high performance computing for the acceleration of IC design, deep learning and complex systems verification.

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User Research Introduction

Research can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to it. Here are a few things to help you understand the basics!

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Latest news

Programme list

Check out this section and browse through the various funding opportunities available for researchers and entrepreneurs. They cover a large area of domains and target Romanians willing to take the next step and boost their entrepreneur’s spirit. Whether they are aiming to conquer national market or international ones, there are solutions and opportunities designed to improve businesses’ growth, entrepreneur skills and to overcome defined barriers.

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