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Another task we gladly perform for the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem is to assist its members in the steps of getting their projects off the ground by giving them information about tips, tools, and resources that will allow them to successfully start and grow a business.

X-eLUT - the first non-invasive treatmen...

x-eLUT is a joint Romanian-American collaborative project led to the development of an innovative formula able to effectively fight against senile cataract for dogs and to prevent their unavoidable and progressive blindness.

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A new approach to develop a lung tumor d...

AIMED SOFT SOLUTIONS/LEDD – An ultrasound and AI-based alternative system for pneumologists, oncologists and primary care physicians that provides non-invasive, fast, accessible and affordable lung tumor evaluation

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AMSIMCEL - We challenge ourselves to dri...

AMSIMCEL - is a Romanian startup, specialized in high performance computing for the acceleration of IC design, deep learning and complex systems verification.

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User Research Introduction

Research can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to it. Here are a few things to help you understand the basics!

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Is Pivoting Worth the Effort?

The idea behind the startup “pivot” is captivating. It certainly makes for a great story — especially if the pivoting startup eventually finds success. But pivoting isn’t a magic switch that can suddenly turn a failing business around. In fact, pivo...

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