The project
Accelerate Romania is a mechanism to provide an overview of the Romanian innovation universe. With the aid of multiple institution and authorities, it aims to be a project that can scale and be sustainable.

The “Accelerate Romania”

“Accelerate Romania” is a platform developed as a mechanism that responds to the challenge represented by the informational fragmentation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In this sense, it aims to facilitate the integration of all actors as well as to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem’s pillars: public policies, finance, infrastructure and support mechanisms, human capital, culture, market.

The web platform, developed and tested at national level in meetings with key actors of the innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem, will be periodically updated according to their needs identified during the interactions.

The platform will allow all active actors of the RDI ecosystem (public authorities, innovative companies, research performing organizations, investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, etc) to access and share information about innovation, events, investment rounds, public and private support tools, thus identifying opportunities for collaboration with the result of capitalizing of the results of RDI projects and entrepreneurial initiatives they carry out.

We focus on the awareness-raising effort to spotlight opportunities and challenges existing in the ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship and aim to strengthen the capacity of relevant actors to orient themselves towards or to initiate innovative entrepreneurial projects.

The platform is developed within the project “Increasing the capacity of the RDI system to respond to global challenges. Strengthening the anticipatory capacity to develop evidence-based public policies”- SIPOCA 592, carried out by UEFISCDI in partnership with the Ministry of Research and Innovation.