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National Research-Development Institute for Pedology, Agrochemistry and Environmental Protection - ICPA
ICPA's mandate is to promote strategic, fundamental and applied research in the field of pedology and agrochemistry, with long-term monitoring and forecasting for Romania's agricultural soils and lands. This mandate involves both significant scientific contributions in the mentioned fields, as well as specific consulting activities. In this way, ICPA researchers and technical staff contribute directly to Romania's economic competitiveness and to improving the quality of life.
National Institute for Agricultural Research and Development - Fundulea
The National Institute for Agricultural Research and Development - Fundulea is recognized as the main agricultural research unit from Romania, due to the results obtained in research - development field regarding the cereals, industrial and forage crops. The main activity fields are: 1. Releasing varieties and hybrids in: small grains (common wheat, durum wheat, rye, triticale, barley, winter and spring two-rowed barley, rice), maize and sorghum, legumes for grains (soybeans, bean, peas), industrial crops (sunflower, linseed, flax), forage crops (annual and perennial leguminous and grasses), medicinal and aromatic plants.2. Elaboration of crop management systems.3. Seed multiplication. 4. Scientifical and technological services (testing of herbicides and insecto-fungicides, seed processing). 5. Dissemination of scientific research results to farms.
National Research-Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition - IBNA
The National Research - Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition (INCDBNA-IBNA Balotești) is the most important research unit in the field of animal science in Romania. IBNA addresses a wide range of research directions and objectives (effects of nutrition on the performance and health of farm animals - immune status, quality and safety of feed and animal products, feed contaminants, estimation of breeding value, adaptation of farm nutrition strategies to global changes, animal nutrition in the food chain-functional foods, the use of animal models for human nutrition, etc.), generating dozens of research results annually (scientific papers, products, services, etc.), while ensuring their technological transfer to potential beneficiaries.
National Institute of Research and Development for Potato and Sugar Beet
The Institute is conducting research and development activities that aim to maintain and improve the background / genetic heritage of potatoes, sugar beets, herbs, turkeys and cattle. It also studies methods to create new varieties of potato and sugar beet by using classical and unconventional methods, using wild and cultivated species, with good adaptation to Romanian conditions, with disease resistance, which makes better use of ecological and technological resources and it is interested in improving the quality of seed potatoes and promoting biotechnologies (in vitro cultures, micro and mini-tubers
National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism - INCDT
The National Institute for Research - Development in Tourism - INCDT Bucharest has as main object of activity the performance of fundamental and applied researches, of public and national interest, regarding the development and promotion of the Romanian tourism.