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Early Game Accelerator
Every year we select 5 or 6 early-stage startups for a highly tailored and very intensive acceleration program. Every startup will work closely with one partner of the fund and will have access to exactly the kind of resources it needs. The selection is made on a rolling basis: no submission deadlines, no cohorts, only the best startups are accepted. We invest up to €200,000 per startup.
InnovX BCR Business Accelerator
The BCR-InnovX accelerator is an intensive program that propels your company or business idea, compressing years of learning from experience in just a few months! Imagine a unique business ecosystem in which you are constantly testing what works and what needs to change in your business. Moreover, you are constantly interacting in an innovative and competitive environment.
Risky Business
The first pre-seed and accelerator fund in Romania. We invest in relentless founders with bold visions. Risky Business is established to support promising early stage startups with the resources to grow into regional and global, sustainable tech firms. In addition to intensive and high-quality consulting services focused on product development, scaling, and strategy, it also offers financial investment. It is the first structure in Romania targeted towards pre-seed support, and an innovate step forward in supporting the growth and sustaining of Romanian startups.
Early Game Ventures
Early Game Ventures (EGV) invests in startups that jumpstart new industries in the emerging markets of Europe. Our philosophy is quite straightforward: we invest at the earliest stages in companies whose founders have vested interests, are coachable and address big markets. If the opportunity is real, we prefer to be the first institutional investor in such startups.
BNI Romania
BNI - World's largest recommendation-based networking organization. Founded in 1985, BNI is a global business networking organization. Our members are professionals who support each other to develop their businesses by applying the basic principle of the BNI, "Giving you will acquire".