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Institute of Computer Science
Institute of Computer Science Iasi is the first institute created by the Section of Computer Science and Information Technology of Romanian Academy. The main research interests have been structured as follows: Development methods and algorithms for image processing; Development methods of 3D reconstruction from 2D images; Signal processing with fuzzy systems and neural networks; Soft computing techniques in Romanian language speech synthesis; Development methods and algorithms for fuzzy and neuro-fuzzy control; Automated analysis and generation of natural language. Linguistic knowledge bases and automated. SGML lexicons for Romanian; Distributed Systems and Concurrency. Theory of Programming; Biophysical models for neocortical single neurons and neuronal structures.
“Nicolae Iorga” Institute of History
The "Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History was founded on April 1, 1937 as the Institute for the Study of Universal History. The scientific mission of the Institute is to edit the fundamental sources of medieval, modern and contemporary history and, especially, to capitalize on these sources in individual or collective research papers. The fundamental research topics are: the history of the Old Regime; the history of the Black Sea; the history of trade and merchants; the stories of foreign travelers from the medieval and modern periods; the problem of modernizing the Romanian society in the 19th century; family history; the history of minorities; the history of the first world war; the history of Romanian communism; history of historiography.
“A.D.Xenopol” Institute of History
The "AD Xenopol" Institute of History has, as main objective, the research of the history of the Romanians, in close connection with the European historical evolutions from our immediate proximity or from more distant spaces. Special attention is paid to the continuation of the editing of medieval sources, in the prestigious national collection Documenta Romaniae Historica, Series A. Moldova, which is one of the fundamental research projects of the Romanian Academy. To this are added the systematic studies carried out by the institute's researchers regarding the social structure of the Romanian society, the evolution of the institutions, the medieval Moldovan village and city, the historical demography, the establishment and evolution of the modern Romanian state, the issues of elites, nationalism and minorities. , cultural policies or the history of totalitarianism and anti-communist resistance,
Institute of Art History “G. Oprescu ”
The Institute of Art History, under the patronage of the Romanian Academy, has a multidisciplinary structure. The research focuses on Romanian medieval art, Byzantine art, folk creation, modern art, architecture, theater, music and cinematography; to these are added the national artistic patrimony in foreign collections and the European one from the Romanian museums.
Institute of History and Literary Theory “G. Călinescu ”
The Institute of History andLiterary Theory "G. Calinescu" is conducting research and studies in the field of linguistics and literary theory