Biology & Biotechnology
animal biology, plant and animal physiology, biotechnologies and biomaterials for agriculture; Bio-technological processes, etc.
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National Institute of Research and Development for Biological Sciences
Our mission is excellence in research in the life sciences domain, assumed by the process of integrating research in biological sciences and cooperating with national and international partners in order to understand life’s processes and solve environmental, health, food and social problems. The mission comprises the three main directions which, in our vision, must be considered central axis of INCDSB’s activity: biomedical research (including cellular and molecular research, genetic engineering, etc.), research in the domain of food and agriculture and in the domain of environment & biodiversity. All these three directions are sustained by a horizontal structure that functions as a common chain which helps and correlates the central axis.The horizontal structure is represented by bioanalysis, bioinformatics, bioproducts and biotechnologies.
National Research-Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition - IBNA
The National Research - Development Institute for Animal Biology and Nutrition (INCDBNA-IBNA Balotești) is the most important research unit in the field of animal science in Romania. IBNA addresses a wide range of research directions and objectives (effects of nutrition on the performance and health of farm animals - immune status, quality and safety of feed and animal products, feed contaminants, estimation of breeding value, adaptation of farm nutrition strategies to global changes, animal nutrition in the food chain-functional foods, the use of animal models for human nutrition, etc.), generating dozens of research results annually (scientific papers, products, services, etc.), while ensuring their technological transfer to potential beneficiaries.
“Francisc I. Rainer” Institute of Anthropology
Currently under the patronage of the Romanian Academy, the Institute has been coordinating a wide spectrum of fundamental and applicative bio-medical, socio-cultural and paleoanthropological research. The Institute hosts one of the largest osteological collections in Europe.
The Institute of Biochemistry (IBAR)
The Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy (IBAR) was established in 1990 in order to develop and promote advanced research in biochemistry and molecular biology in Romania. IBAR hosts a state of the art research facility center in biomedical proteomics, operated by an interdisciplinary team of young researchers with backgrounds in biochemistry, chemistry, biophysics, biology, pharmacy. Within the framework of the School of Advanced Studies of the Romanian Academy (SCOSAAR) - IBAR carries also its own educational programs in molecular life sciences at PhD, Post Doc and continuing education levels in which the next generation scientists are trained by research based practical learning.
Institute of Biology
The Institute of Biology Bucharest of the Romanian Academy is the host of a wide panel of research topics in biology like the conservation and management of biodiversity, taxonomy and ecology, microbiology and plant and animal citobiology