training and learning experiences
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RubikEDU selects 200 future entrepreneurs for an entrepreneurship program with 20 hours of practical workshops, with current examples, mentoring hours, founders and experts, in which you train your mentality and skills to take the first step to your startup.
JSLeague is the first Romanian enterprise to cover training on all JavaScript tech stack and beyond. We grow companies' dev team's knowledge by developing custom curricula and exercises.
First coding bootcamp academy in Romania and the only ORACLE Authorized Education Center in Bucharest. We deliver state of the art services in IT Education: Corporate Training - client oriented Java training at all levels:beginners, intermediate, advanced.
Future Makers
Future Makers is an educational entrepreneurship program that includes a competition of business ideas oriented towards the future. It aims to help young people interested in entrepreneurship move from idea to action. We are launching a business ideas competition with prizes of 20,000 euros and creating a space for conversation about how different industries will evolve and what types of solutions we need to build today and that will be sustainable in the future.
Elevator Lab
Elevator Lab is a leading fintech partnership program powered by Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI). We are looking for innovative fintech solutions, in order to jointly develop tomorrow’s banking business. Once selected for Elevator Lab, you get the chance to scale your business across the CEE Region.