Our commitment to promote transparency while giving a non-biased overview of the Romanian innovative universe

The part where we tell you why we are doing this

We can all agree that we, as a species are driven by curiosity and innovate with any chance we have.

There were so many times when we stood in the shower or practice the all new art of couch-philosophy while pondering and slamming our fists on shabby tables claiming “there must be a better way to do this”. While /this/ is a concept that differs from each and one of us, we, at accelerate romania feel the ethical binds of being at our best.

In the end, our drive is simple: 

We want to deliver a transparent overview of
the Romanian innovative universe.

As simple as it sounds, it touches a few sensitive chords that we will try to cover in this manifesto

The part where we set the premises

To start on a jolly note: for the past years, the innovative scene in Romania has grown considerably and we felt a need to support it in any way we can.

This, however, has a more grim (yet realistic) background:

Governments do not study or approach issues holistically 

We are governed by the industrial-era hierarchies in which every bit of information has a labourious and detailed way to travel up the chain all the way to the top, from where micro-managed instructions make their way (in the same way) back down. All this takes time, and the instructions turn out in many cases to be late, misinterpreted or plain wrong.

This is an information system we cannot afford to adress when innovation tends to sparkle its small delicate flame that can be blown out in an instant.

This is why we won’t claim to have a holistic approach over the ecosystem, but we will strongly claim that in this constellation of complex systems it is impossible for a single person (or even a single organisation) to sit in isolation and understand complex systems.

We will then call upon the principle that can govern smooth dialogue, participation and can help us understand the complexity of the innovative universe: transparency.

The part where we talk about transparency

First we will agree that transparency is the means by which we nurture the recognition and sharing of truth.

We do not seek profits with this project and we don’t foresee any commercial connections in the near future. This is an important statement to be taken into consideration while browsing the content and have in mind that we take no sides. The information is out there, we gather it and display it without any subjective contextual interpretations.

Yet context matters.
Context creates coherence and can restore the missing connections that the fragmentation of overzealous academia or lawmaking has caused.

Let’s bridge that with transparency.

This is how we can allow anyone who wants to innovate, to get out there, be seen and share the newly discovered knowledge with the world.

The part where we talk about integrity

In the times we live in, intelligence, design and integrity build the triad that matters most. The truth is the non-negotiable starting position for getting things right, and this is crucially important towards the people who lay their visions out in public and spend their lives trying to make this world a better place.

Integrity requires clarity, diversity and balance.

Things we hope to achieve in a short time. While we trust ourselves with the transparency of the information, the non-biased diversity we aim to gather in the platform, the balance of it is in the hands of all of us.

Remember, it’s not about (our) profits. Organized people will defeat organized money every time. While we know that the profit integrity as a whole is an endless discussion topic, the balance and integrity of a community can pass the common interests in no time. 

And yes, also the individual ones.

The part where you see what’s in it for you

You can talk and think about stuff for ages and ages before doing something or other. Why not just do something straight away and learn from that?

Humor us awhile and try imagining this:

A logistic one-stop-shop that engulfs every bit of knowledge we can get and we deliver it without any kind of interpretation.

Join the “tribe”, take a few minutes to understand how our brand works in terms of refining the information that will be delivered to you. And this will be an ongoing process.

Every day more information will be added, more participants will join and we will do our best to directly display your nearest interests.

Or browse at your will.

In this scenario, you are the innovator, we are just a means to your end and try to live up to the notion of “public servants”.

And don’t be fooled: over time we will learn more from you than you will from us. From the thousands of pieces of information available, you probably will need just five. But if you will give us just one piece of information in return to share with your peers, the purpose of the platform will be complete.

The part where we talk about the big picture

The EU was formed on solid principles that encourage diversity and innovation. We can and will take that knowledge, use it to our best and in the end contribute to it.

Yes, that is important as it regards every one of us caught in the innovation tangle. As the market grows and gets more diverse every day, the need for an overview is more important than ever.

In the end, we want to connect every innovation-related actor in the whole ecosystem whether it’s a lone wolf or a full-fledged-flying-EU-colours institution under a platform where the information runs transparent and unbiased by political or economical factors.

The part where we draw conclusions

By now you probably got an idea of what impact this overview can have and how it could benefit everyone on the long run. 

As science and technology studies have illustrated, innovations emerge from the interactions involving numerous entities. The success of an innovation depends on its ability to appeal and be co-opted by these entities, whether they are investors, clients, collaborators, end users, authorities and so on.

Together these entities form what we can call an ecosystem, which by its notion defines the nature of innovation: it both shapes and it's shaped by a complex network of interaction and relations of interconnected entities.

We, at accelerate romania, see ourselves as an entity part of these countless possible interactions in which you, the innovator, are the key element.