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“Vasile Pârvan” Institute of Archeology
The Institute in conducting research activities related to archeology and numismatics, with focus on the pre-historic and medieval periods.
Research Institute for the Quality of Life (ICCV)
ICCV is a leading research institute in the field of quality of life and social policy. Our institute is dedicated to research in two key areas: quality of life and social policy as well as in the major subsequent topics: health, education, employment and working conditions, housing, family, poverty and living standards, public services, social development, social economy. A main focus of research has been transition analysis as well as social change in the long term in Romania. Apart from undertaking fundamental research, ICCV actively contributes to the debate on the current social issues of our time and provides knowledge that can assist in the development of better policies.
„Gh. Zane ” Institute of Economic and Social Research
The Institute of Economic and Social Research „Gh. Zane ”carries out fundamental and applied research projects, multi and interdisciplinary, to contribute to innovation and knowledge transfer in economic and socio-human sciences.
"Andrei Rădulescu" Institute of Legal Research
Institute of Legal Research „Acad. Andrei Rădulescu ”, of the Romanian Academy was established in 1954 and still functions as the only fundamental scientific research unit at national level in the field of law. Its main purpose is the deep and systematic analysis of the legal-legislative phenomenon in order to draw and present both theoretical and fundamental conclusions on the essence, functions and purpose of legal principles and institutions, as well as applicative conclusions designed to facilitate understanding of meanings and concrete application of norms. The field of fundamental scientific research includes all branches of law: philosophy and sociology of law, constitutional law, administrative law, civil law, criminal law, criminology, business law, labor law, copyright, environmental law, EU law, public international law, etc.
Institute of Socio-Human Research
The Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Sibiu was established in 1956 in order to promote the history and culture of the Romanians and Germans from Transylvania and to continue and complete the research projects started a century ago. Among the fundamental objectives of the institute are the study of the history and specifics of the Romanian cities in the European context, the deepening of our knowledge about the history and culture of the Romanians and Germans from Transylvania, integrating the Transylvanian characteristics in the history and culture of the European and Romanian space and studying the national and regional particularities of our present-day society.