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e-health & well-being, Eco-Nano-technologies and advanced materials for health industry, etc.
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UMFCD Accel is an acceleration and mentoring program for students and graduates of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" in Bucharest who have an idea and want to develop it into a startup in the field of eHealth
National Institute for Chemical-Pharmaceutical Research-Development - ICCF
The main mission of the National Institute for Chemical-Pharmaceutical Research-Development - ICCF Bucharest is to provide new technologies, products and services of interest for the pharmaceutical industry and therapeutic practice, this institute being the only research unit in the field of medicines in Romania able to complete the entire development cycle of a new drug, from the synthesis of the pharmacologically active substance, to the documentation necessary to introducing it on the market.
“Stefan S. Nicolau” Institute of Virology
The Insitute is dedicated to both fundamental research and applied clinical studies in viral epidemiology, viral vaccines, viral nucleic acid infectivity, immunity in viral infections, antiviral chemotherapy. In the last three years IVN has developed important research programs not only in the domain of viral diseases of public health relevance (AIDA, viral hepatitis, respiratory viral diseases, emerging viral diseases), but also in neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders, cancer, antiviral and antitumoral therapy, with significant results in health care. The Institute bridges the gap between clinical investigation and the application of basic science in order to understand the pathogenesis of the infectious diseases, their diagnosis and optimal management, prevention and control. Multidisciplinary groups are studying different aspects of infectious diseases> from epidemiology and field work, to patient’s care, from the relationship between the host immune response and the pathogen’s virulence factors, to molecular genetics and vaccine design.